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Setting Up Site Bookmark
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Setting up a bookmark (Internet Explorer 8) to work with your ellucian Client Care Collaboration Site
Two steps are required to properly setup a bookmark to your site.  First create a bookmark, second update it to the URL for your home page.
Create a bookmark:
You can create a bookmark by going into Internet Explorer, click on Favorites, Add to Favorites:
Update the name as needed and click add:

Navigate to the link.  Click on favorites, find the link, than right click on the link to get properties, click properties:

In Properties on the “Web Document” tab, in the URL field, delete the existing value, paste the URL (provided in your welcome communication from ellucian) and click ok to save:

 Now your bookmark will be set to the correct URL for your home page and not the URL for the login screen.   If you have not previously logged into the site, when you go to your homepage, you will be redirected to the login window.  Once you have logged in, you should not have to repeat this process until you log out or are timed out.