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 ACI Worldwide
Official Payments Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: OPAY) is a leading provider of electronic payment solutions in the biller direct market. Headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, the company provides enhanced electronic payment services that include multiple payment choices, payment channels, and bill payment products and services to over 4,700 clients in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Official Payments serves clients in multiple markets including federal, state, and local governments, educational institutions, and utilities. Consumers may pay federal taxes, state and local taxes, property taxes, and other bills such as utilities and college tuition with credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks and alternative payment methods via online, telephone, point of sale and other channels by visiting Millions of college and university students and parents representing more than 350 institutions trust Official Payments' phone, web, and in-person payments systems for 24/7/365 convenience and reliability. Corporate information is available at
Strategic PartnereCommerce
Payment Gateway and eCommerce Payment Provider,ACI Integrated Payment Plan
As an Ellucian certified payment gateway provider for 265+ Ellucian schools, our PCI Level 1 hosted payment platform seamlessly integrates with Banner, Colleague and PowerCampus systems to provide the safest, simplest and most reliable way to manage and process payments. ACI delivers real-time connectivity for the authorization and settlement processing of credit-card and e-check transactions.

The ACI Integrated Payment Plan delivers a significant savings to Ellucian institutions while providing students and parents with the flexibility to make payments over time. Our Regulation Z compliant solution provides colleges and universities with the most reliable way to administer their school’s payment plans. Our flexible, configurable solution enables the institution to create the right combination of payment terms and enrollment requirements. It is designed to maximize their scheduled receivables program because funds are settled directly into the school’s account.
United States of America
Banner AR, Banner Finance, Colleague Finance,Banner AR, Banner Finance, Colleague Finance
Automic Software is a leading global provider of workload automation, job scheduling and IT process optimization solutions that ensure core businesses processes and enterprise information systems run faster, more accurately and without interruption. More than 1,600 companies worldwide --including close to 300 colleges and universities--have successfully enhanced application processing performance and improved IT efficiency using Automic's business acceleration solutions.
Strategic PartnerInfrastructure Tools
Banner Enterprise Job Schedule by Automic
Automic Job Scheduling helps enable you to schedule and manage automated jobs across your entire data center. Automic Job Scheduling not only eliminates the need for dedicated windows to run batch jobs, but it also works across all your computing environments: on-premise, virtual, and cloud.
Blackboard is a global leader in enterprise technology and innovative solutions that improve the experience of millions of students and learners around the world every day. With Service Pack 6 and above, the Blackboard LearnTM 9.1 platform now integrates with SIS more easily and reliably through support for open education standards, such as IMS LIS 2.0 and IMS Enterprise 1.1 In addition, Blackboard has entered into a strategic partnership with Ellucian to integrate Blackboard Learn with Colleague, making it easier for clients to access data and manage information from their administrative and academic systems to improve the overall learning experience.
Strategic PartnerLearning Management
Blackboard Learn
Blackboard Learn technology helps yo umake learning more effective in and beyond the traditional walls. Breathing life into educational content. Bring efficiency to day-to-day tasks. Empowering instructors with tools to engage every learner. Motivating them on the devices they rely on. Promoting collaboration and streamlining processes.
Banner Student; Colleague Student
Cornerstone is a pure-play Software-as-a-Service vendor that competes in both the learning management and performance management categories.
Strategic PartnerHuman Capital Management
Recruiting Cloud; Learning Cloud; Performance Cloud; Extended Enterprise Cloud
The Cornerstone Recruiting platform is a proven solution that adds to Cornerstone's end-to-end talent management capabilities by changing not only the way organizations manage and develop their top talent but also, how they acquire it. Cornerstone Learning optimizes your talent by delivering highly targeted, highly customizable training of any kind. This means instead of randomly assigned learning initiatives, your training will actively address identified competency and skill gaps, driving organizational productivity and efficiency. We also know that compliance risk is real. The Learning solution includes tools to manage any kind of one-time or recurring certification or licensing requirements. With Cornerstone Performance, you can align individual goals with departmental objectives and organizational strategy, enable workforce and employee succession management and get the power of comprehensive compensation tools. Global organizations use the Extended Enterprise for training, certification and delivering knowledge assets to their extended networks of partners, suppliers, resellers, distributors and customers.
Banner Human Resources, Colleague Human Resources, Ellucian Talent Management Suite
 Desire2Learn Incorporated
A global leader in EdTech, D2L is the creator of Brightspace, the world’s first integrated learning platform. The company partners with thought-leading organizations to improve learning through data-driven technology that helps deliver a personalized experience to every learner, regardless of geography or ability. D2L’s open and extensible platform is used by more than 1,100 clients and 13 million individual learners in higher education, K–12, healthcare, government, and the enterprise sector—including Fortune 1000 companies. The company has operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil, and Singapore. |
Strategic PartnerBI Reporting & Analytics
Learning Environment
Combining the formal and informal learning experience, Desire2Learn Learning Environment is propelling the eLearning experience into the future. Pairing innovative, best-of-breed teaching and learning tools, accessibility best practices, powerful measurement and assessment options, and standards-based technology with integrated social learning and sharing, pervasive collaboration and connecting capabilities, and customized personalization options, Desire2Learn Learning Environment is redefining what an LMS should be.
NAmerica, SAmerica, APO, EMEA
 Dimension Data
Dimension Data has established itself over the last three decades as a global leader in the provision and management of specialist IT infrastructure solutions and services.
Strategic PartnerTechnology Platform
Cloud Services
Cloud Services
Application Hosting Services
 EMC Corporation
EMC is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver information technology as a service. Fundamental to this transformation is cloud computing. Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping IT departments to store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset -- information -- in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way.
Strategic PartnerPrint & Doc Management
EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender, Web Xtender, Scan Xtender, ERM Xtender, Report Xtender, Disk Xtender   
EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender provides an integrated imaging and report management solution that captures, organizes, and delivers business-critical information.
Banner, Banner Document Mangement Suite, Advance
Evisions has been building great software products and delivering fantastic services in Higher Education since 1998. Evisions provides solutions for Payment Processing (IntelleCheck), Document Enhancement & Distribution (FormFusion), Data Transformation (DataMasque) and Enterprise Reporting (Argos) that enhances your main campus software solution. Evisions highly experienced team is passionate about working with Higher Education Institutions to find the best solution...
Strategic PartnerBI Reporting & Analytics
FormFusion, a document enhancement and distribution solutions, gives organizations complete control over the design and delivery of their output while automating processes and eliminating paper stock. It can be used for purchase orders, grade mailers, transcripts, student bills, invoices, tax forms, letter generation, and more. FormFusion converts standard application output into more attractive, functional and efficient electronic documents, and then intelligently distributes them over a variety of delivery channels including print, email, web or imaging integration.

IntelleCheck, a payment processing solution, offers a full range of features that add efficiency and provide substantial savings to your organization. IntelleCheck enhances and streamlines output for AP, Payroll, Student Refund checks and Direct Deposit Advices. IntelleCheck also integrates with 3rd party imaging solutions so check copies no longer need to be printed and stored. IntelleCheck makes issuing payments a single, simple process for direct deposits and printed checks.

Argos effectively meets reporting needs from simple ad hoc quieries to advanced dashboards and data cubes while taking the majority of the workload off of your IT department. Argos offers the lowerst total ost of ownership with its enterprise license allowing for an unlimited number of users, database types and connections.
United States
Banner Document Management Suite,Banner Document Management Suite,Bannner ODS/ESW, PowerCampus
 Front Rush LLC
Athletic Recruiting Software
Strategic PartnerRecruiting & Admissions
Front Rush
Athletic recruiting software.
United States and Canada.
 Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI (Heartland Payment Systems)
Provide Payment processing to 250,000 merchants nationwide.
Strategic PartnereCommerce
WebConnect Payment Portal
Provide a hosted payment gateway which is PCI-PA-DSS complinat for payments for campuses through the ellucian interfaces posting realtime back to SIS.
Banner Finance, PowerCampus
 IBM Cognos
IBM Cognos business intelligence and performance management solutions deliver world-leading enterprise planning, consolidation and BI software, support and services to help companies plan, understand and manage financial and operational performance. IBM Cognos solutions bring together technology, analytical applications, best practices, and a broad network of partners to give customers an open, adaptive and complete performance solution. Over 23,000 customers in more than 135 countries around the world choose IBM Cognos solutions.
Strategic PartnerBI Reporting & Analytics
Cognos 8 Business Intelligence
Cognos 8 business analytics capabilities include business intelligence, performance management, predictive analytics, analytical decision management and risk management.
Banner ODS/EDW, Banner Performance Reporting, Advancement Performance, PowerCampus Performance
Instructure is a technology company committed to improving education. We provide instructors and students modern tools and resources to empower the learning experience. Instructure offers Canvas – the open, easy-to-use, cloud-native learning management system. We also provide Canvas Network, an index of open, online courses from Ivy Leagues to community colleges.
Strategic PartnerLearning Management
Canvas is a modern, open, easy-to-use, cloud-native learning management system.
Currently marketed in North America. Available as open source worldwide with many supported languages.
 Lexmark Enterprise Software
Perceptive Software, a business unit of Lexmark International, builds process and content management software that closes the information gaps that exist throughout every organization. Powered by the financial strength and global reach of Lexmark International, Perceptive Software offers a complete set of process and content management software technology, including: - Business process management - Enterprise content management - Intelligent data capture - Enterprise and federated search - Integration technology
Strategic PartnerPrint & Doc Management
Several: Peceptive Content, Perceptive Capture, Perceptive Process, Perceptive Search, Perceptive Interact
- Content: Manage all forms of content through their entire lifecycle. Includes Document Management, Electronic Signatures, Records & Information Management, Document Output Management - Process: Discover, design, execute and improve business processes. Includes Process Mining, Process Modeling, Process Documentation, Case Management, Workflow, Process Analytics - Capture: Capture and extract data through imaging, e-forms and intelligent capture technologies. Includes Document Imaging, Intelligent Capture, E-Forms - Search: Search, find, extract, analyze and use the precise information needed. Includes Enterprise Search, Document Filters - Interact: Putting processes and content in the context of your enterprise applications
Throughout the globe.  We have follow-the-sun worldwide product support live 24/7 365 already in place. Our ECM solution is supported in French, German, Spanish, Italian, and soon will be support in double bit characters (Asian languages).
Banner, Colleague, Advance
Microsoft imagines a new teaching and learning environment for higher education. We are committed to providing systems, technology and solutions enabling lifelong learners to realize their full potential. Microsoft's Windows Server System is the platform for many Ellucian Higher Education solutions including PowerCampus, fsaATLAS, Colleague, Ellucian Portal and Recruiter.
Strategic PartnerTechnology Platform
Microsoft Technology Platforms
MS Dynamics GP, MS SQL Platform, Sharepoint, MS Dynamics
Colleague Tech, Ellucian Portal, Colleague Student, PowerCampus General, Recruiter
Moodlerooms harnesses the world's most widely used open-source learning management system (Moodle) at the core of our offerings, Moodlerooms delivers sustainable, fully-supported and feature-rich e-learning tools that enable educators to create and facilitate individualized learning paths, collaborative activities and comprehensive courses without requiring extensive technical knowledge, expensive hardware or staff.
Strategic PartnerLearning Management
Joule gives you simple but powerful tools to deliver engaging content and activities to learners in online courses. You'll save time and effort while tracking learning progress with innovative tools and personalized instruction. Joule is a fully supported eLearning solution that combines open-source Moodle with enhancements and services to allow institutions to focus on teaching and learning.
Intelligent Learning Platform
 National Student Clearinghouse
The National Student Clearinghouse is the nation's trusted source for education verification and student educational outcomes research. More than 3,300 colleges and universities, enrolling over 96% of all students in public and private U.S. institutions, participate in the Clearinghouse.
Strategic PartnereTranscript Services
Transcript Ordering, Student Tracker, Data Reporting
TO provides online transcript ordering. Student Tracker provides research tools. Data Reporting handles Title IV compliance reporting to Dept of Ed
US and Europe (for US students studying abroad)
eTranscripts Services
 Nuventive LLC
Nuventive provides individuals, educators and institutions with the software and strategic services they need to effectively reach their goals, demonstrate achievement, and drive institutional effectiveness. Our solutions support accreditation, strategic planning, and the management of academic and administrative outcomes, providing a foundation for a culture of performance.
Strategic PartnerBI Reporting & Analytics
TracDat,iWebfolio,TracDat SharePoint Option
Nuventive’s enterprise institutional effectiveness solution gives clarity and structure to strategic planning, documents ongoing academic and non-academic achievement, and facilitates goal-oriented action institution wide.

iWebfolio is a configurable electronic portfolio solution that is flexible and grows with the needs of individuals and institutions. iWebfolio gives users the means to nurture, encapsulate and present their achievement to colleges, universities, professional associations, employers or government agencies. Learners benefit from a feedback loop that encourages self-improvement, and institutions can capture data that increases institutional performance.

The TracDat SharePoint Option (TSO) makes the power of TracDat more accessible through an integration with SharePoint. This brings relevant, real-time data to the forefront of faculty and staff’s daily work environment.
Marketed and sold in North America, Australasia and the Middle East. Available in English.,Marketed and sold in North America, Australasia, Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Available in English.,Marketed and sold in North America and the Middle East. Available in English.
Banner Student, Colleague Student,Banner Student, Colleague Student,Banner Student, Colleague Student
Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together in the cloud and in your data center. For more information about Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL), visit
Strategic PartnerTechnology Platform
Oracle Database
- Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition is the database at the heart of the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and the Oracle Database Appliance - Provides comprehensive features to easily manage the most demanding transaction processing, business intelligence, and content management applications - Comes with a wide range of options to extend the world's #1 database to help grow your business and meet your users' performance, security, and availability service level expectations
 Rocket Software, Inc.
Rocket is a global software development firm with products that complement and extend strategic infrastructure in Application Development, Application Modernization, and Business Intelligence Software.
Strategic PartnerTechnology Platform
1 - The UniData run engine is the technology that comprises the application server tier for Colleague. Totally embedded, and therefore virtually invisible to the customer, this technology allows the client to run the same Colleague source code in conjunction with the database of their choice. 2 - UniData RDBMS - Colleague customers may also opt to use an additional instance of the UniData technology for their data server tier.
SAP is the world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and software-related service revenue.
Strategic PartnerBI Reporting & Analytics
BusinessObjects offers the BI industry's most complete and trusted platform for performance management, planning, reporting, query and analysis, and data integration. BusinessObjects XI includes Crystal Reports, the industry standard for enterprise reporting.
Colleague Reporting and Operating Analytics
 Synoptics (formerly CompuSoft Development)
CompuSoft Development is a leading developer of enterprise reporting software for the ERP, university, distribution and accounting sectors. The company’s products allow accountants and managers to maximize productivity through reporting tools that are easy to use, and provide quick access to the necessary data they need to make critical business decisions.
Strategic PartnerFinance
Synoptix for Ellucian
Synoptix allows you to easily create any financial report you need and drill all the way to the source data with point and click simplicity
US, CA, New Zealand/Australia, Europe, South and North America, Asia and Pacific Rim
Colleague Finance
 The College Board
We're a not-for-profit membership organization committed to excellence and equity in education. Our mission is to connect students to college success and opportunity.
Strategic PartnerFinancial Aid
PowerFAIDS helps hundreds of schools and thousands of administrators easily award, communicate, report, and track financial aid. PowerFAIDS is from the College Board, the recognized leader in financial aid software and services.
United States
Banner Financial Aid, PowerCampus
 TouchNet Information Systems, Inc.
TouchNet delivers innovative commerce solutions to Higher Education. We help institutions streamline business processes, save time and money, protect sensitive payment data, and offer their constituents superior eCommerce services. To accomplish that, we focus on designing, creating, and supporting effective software and services that help institutions achieve their commerce goals.
Strategic PartnereCommerce
TouchNet® U.Commerce® is a comprehensive commerce management system tailored specifically for colleges and universities. It helps institutions achieve more secure and efficient operations by providing a unified framework with which to administer electronic payments and related business transactions.
All regions.
Advance, Banner Finance, Colleague Finance