Okta FAQ

Want to request a new app?  Please check here to see if it is already on our list. 
1.     What is Okta?
      Okta is a safe and secure way to sign into corporate and personal applications on a single web browser.
2.     Which browsers does Okta work on?
Okta supports the following Web Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.
3.     How do I access Okta?
Go to: https://elluciancorp.okta.com and login with your Ellucian network credentials
4.     What is Desktop Single Sign-on (SSO) and how can I take advantage of it?
      Desktop SSO is a feature that Okta provides that allows Windows machines that are in the Ellucian domain, connected internally (at an Ellucian Office or VPN'd in), and are using a Browser with Windows Integrated Authentication enabled to automatically sign into Okta without having to type your username/password. 
5.     What is a Bookmark? 
A bookmark is a link to a web based applications which already utilizes integrated login.
6.     I am internal and/or using Checkpoint VPN, why is Desktop SSO not working?
      If you are at an Ellucian office (with or without VPN) and SSO is not working (but works for Luci), please go to http://whatismyip.com and click this Systems Infrastructure to email team to add this new IP to Okta.
      If you are remote and using Checkpoint VPN, please verify that a website like LUCI is successfully authenticating you without a password first.  If it is, please click this Systems Infrastructure to email team to review.  If it is not, then your browser needs to be configured for Windows Integrated Authentication (IWA).
7.     I do not see apps such as Outlook/Salesforce/Expense.
      Clear all temporary Internet files and cookies then restart your Internet browser. If you do not see apps listed under the “Work” tab, when you log back into Okta, please scroll down to the bottom of the main page and click on the “Request App” link.
8.     I cannot click on one of my chicklets, it has a “lock” on it.
Some chicklets are only available while on the corporate network (LAN, Corporate Wireless or VPN).  When Okta detects the correct network it will “unlock” the chicklets.
9.     How do I create a new tab?
      To create a new tab, click on the '+' sign next to the last tab. You will be asked to enter a new tab name (for example, "March Madness"). Enter the new name of the tab and click save to create it.
10.  How many tabs can I have?
You can have up to five tabs.
11.  How can I change the order in which my apps appear?
      To change the order of your apps, click and hold on an app icon, then drag and drop the app to the location you would like it to be displayed.
12.  How do I move an app from one tab to another?
      To move an app from one tab to another, click and hold on the app icon, then drag and drop your app to the new tab.
13.  How do I set up Okta mobile?
For Apple users, go to iTunes and download Okta Mobile. For Android users, go to the Google Play Store and download Okta Mobile.
Site Name: elluciancorp.okta.com
Username & Password: Ellucian Network Username & Password
Once authenticated, Okta Mobile will ask you to create a PIN for security. Simply create a new PIN, enter it one more time, and you’re ready take Okta on the road.
14.  Will I have access to all my apps on Okta Mobile?
      Most apps you have access to from your computer browser will be available on Okta Mobile.
15.  What is the difference between Webmail on: https://webmail.ellucian.com/owa/ and the Webmail app in Okta?
      Webmail or OWA is the same on Okta. For best practice, use the Webmail app in Okta.
16.  Why can I not sign out of Okta when using Desktop SSO?
      Okta is currently working on this issue.  To sign out while using Desktop SSO, just close the browser.
17.  I changed my password and I'm able to login to Okta just fine, but then when I try to log into Clarity, or Outlook Web App, Okta tries to enter the wrong password, and it fails.
Each time you change your AD password you will need to update your password for Clarity and Outlook Web App.  To update your password for Clarity or Outlook Web App, click the cog wheel on top right of the app, you will then be prompted to enter your new password.

18.  I submitted an App Request (or requested Help) after hours but did not get a response until the next business day.
App and Help Requests are now sent via email to OktaRequests@Ellucian.com.  The team that handles the email requests works during business EST hours, with help from the UK team, so please be patient for our response to your request.  We are currently reviewing all Ellucian apps for addition to Okta.