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 AcademicWorks, Inc.
AcademicWorks is the leading provider of comprehensive scholarship management and donor reporting solutions to institutions of higher education. Nearly 500 institutions use AcademicWorks to improve the compliance, utilization and stewardship of their scholarship funds, while improving services to students, donors, and the campus community.
Alliance PartnerFinancial Aid
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Accruent provides software solutions to more than 1,000 customers covering the end-to-end real estate and facilities management lifecycle. Each of our purpose-built suites offers solutions designed to meet the unique needs of the specific industries we serve.
Non-PartnerFacilities Management
1/23/2013 1:21 AMSystem AccountPartner non-renewal
 ACI Worldwide
Official Payments Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: OPAY) is a leading provider of electronic payment solutions in the biller direct market. Headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, the company provides enhanced electronic payment services that include multiple payment choices, payment channels, and bill payment products and services to over 4,700 clients in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Official Payments serves clients in multiple markets including federal, state, and local governments, educational institutions, and utilities. Consumers may pay federal taxes, state and local taxes, property taxes, and other bills such as utilities and college tuition with credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks and alternative payment methods via online, telephone, point of sale and other channels by visiting Millions of college and university students and parents representing more than 350 institutions trust Official Payments' phone, web, and in-person payments systems for 24/7/365 convenience and reliability. Corporate information is available at
Strategic PartnereCommerce
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 Ad Astra Information Systems
Ad Astra Information Systems is the expert partner for institutions engaged in student success, efficiency and capacity initiatives. Student academic success outcomes and financial pressures dictate that our clients create more efficient schedules. Event management operations are becoming more sophisticated to meet the growing needs of internal and external stakeholders. Expectations for an institution-wide, real-time calendar of all activities are becoming the norm. To meet these needs, Ad Astra has committed a large portion of its resources over the past 15 years to research and development. The result is a growing suite of enterprise-class web applications that redefine the standard in higher education scheduling and planning.
Alliance PartnerScheduling
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 Adirondack Solutions Inc
Adirondack Solutions is the worldwide leader in providing innovative solutions primarily for the college student life market. We offer products for web-based room assignments, housing operations, conduct, parking/vehicle registration, conference management, guest pass tracking, and more.
Alliance PartnerHousing
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 Advance Digital, Inc.
Digital arm of Advance Publications Newspapers and Websites with 70MM unique monthly visitors and more than 700MM page views per month.
Alliance Partner
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 Advanced Secure Technologies Ltd/Digital Secure Systems Ltd
Developer of secure certificate systems for the laser print, electronic publishing and validation of degrees and qualifications
Alliance PartnerAcademic Verification
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 ADVIZOR Solutions
ADVIZOR Solutions is a leading provider of easy-to-use business analysis software. From the desktop to the enterprise, business managers and analysts can easily crate and deploy analysis dashboards within minutes. ADVIZOR combines its world-leading data visualization and in-memory-data-management expertise with extensive usability knowledge and cutting-edge predictive analytics to produce an easy to use, point and click product suite for business analysts.
Alliance PartnerBI Reporting & Analytics
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 Aegis Identity Software, Inc.
Aegis Identity Software was founded in October 2011 with one mission: to create an affordable and effective identity management solution for the education market. Our products, TridentHE and TridentK12, represent a contemporary solution that recognizes the unique needs of the education market versus the general commercial marketplace.
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 Akari Software Limited
Akari Software’s Curriculum Solutions Suite provides comprehensive, easy-to-use online Curriculum Management Software for managing the design, delivery, publication, cost-effectiveness and quality of education courses throughout all stages of the curriculum lifecycle
Community PartnerScheduling
10/4/2013 12:44 PMSystem AccountPartner non-renewal
 America Digital Corporation
We are a provider of IT infrastructure. We specialize in Servers, Storage, Networking and Virtualization Technologies that support the entire Ellucian application suite.
1/23/2013 1:20 AMSystem AccountPartner non-renewalNo integration
 AQ2 Technologies, Inc.
Software to automate the gift receiving process, automates the posting of gifts and donations to ellucian as well as deposits to any bank(s)
12/21/2016 11:01 PMSystem AccountPartner non-renewal
Aquire is a world-class provider of enterprise organizational management, financial planning and workforce intelligence solutions.
Non-PartnerHuman Capital Management
3/20/2013 11:03 AMSystem AccountPartner non-renewal
Automic Software is a leading global provider of workload automation, job scheduling and IT process optimization solutions that ensure core businesses processes and enterprise information systems run faster, more accurately and without interruption. More than 1,600 companies worldwide --including close to 300 colleges and universities--have successfully enhanced application processing performance and improved IT efficiency using Automic's business acceleration solutions.
Strategic PartnerInfrastructure Tools
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AwardSpring is a Software-as-a Service (SaaS) platform that simplifies all aspects of scholarship management and awarding. Algorithms match scholarships that best suit each Student's profile, and workflow tools significantly increase the productivity and satisfaction of scholarship administration and review teams.
Alliance PartnerFinancial Aid
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 Axiom (formerly SSD Technology Partners)
Axiom Elite is Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) software that collects data from a variety of sources and uploads it directly into your student information system (Banner, Colleague or PowerCampus). This powerful tool features sophisticated algorithms for validating data accuracy and preventing duplicate records — more than 80% of records are processed automatically. A robust user interface makes exception handling fast and easy. Data can also be extracted from the student information system for input into other campus applications, and documents imaged to create a truly paperless process. Axiom Elite is not one-size-fits-all software — we customize the solution to precisely match your organization’s data sources, business logic and workflows.
Alliance PartnerPrint & Doc Management
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 BBA Solutions
BBA Solutions provides on-campus and off-campus textbook solutions and bookstore management services.
Non-PartnerBookstore Management/Textbook Solutions
3/27/2013 6:52 AMPeterlin, JoePartner non-renewal
Ellucian product reseller
Reseller PartnerChannels
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Blackboard is a global leader in enterprise technology and innovative solutions that improve the experience of millions of students and learners around the world every day. With Service Pack 6 and above, the Blackboard LearnTM 9.1 platform now integrates with SIS more easily and reliably through support for open education standards, such as IMS LIS 2.0 and IMS Enterprise 1.1 In addition, Blackboard has entered into a strategic partnership with Ellucian to integrate Blackboard Learn with Colleague, making it easier for clients to access data and manage information from their administrative and academic systems to improve the overall learning experience.
Strategic PartnerLearning Management
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 Boss Software by AssetWorks
Software company focused on parking, public safety, facilities, housing & conferencing, fleet mgmt. and more for higher education.
Alliance PartnerParking
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 Campus Book Rentals
Sidewalk, by Campus Book Rentals develops straightforward retail solutions that improve operations, increase revenue and bring students back to the campus store.
Non-PartnerBookstore Management/Textbook Solutions
4/15/2014 1:43 PMRamsey, DwaynePartner non-renewal
CampusCruiser, a dedicated higher education Cloud solution provider since 1998, specializes in offering state-of-the-art technologies economically to help colleges and universities to Improve Campus Communication, Implement Effective Learning Management, Build Cohesive Online Communities and Increase Information Efficiencies Campus-wide, in conjunction with ready integrations to a whole host of campus applications.
Alliance PartnerLearning Management
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CampusLogic transforms the way colleges and universities deliver financial aid with the first and only student self-service platform. Modern, mobile, and paper-free, CampusLogic’s cloud-based software simplifies financial aid, so more students can complete financial aid and get into the classroom. With nearly 40 institutions and 300K+ active students, our customers optimize efficiencies, increase enrollment, and improve the student experience. Recently, CampusLogic won Invest Southwest’s Venture Madness, the Arizona Commerce Authority’s Arizona Innovation Challenge, and was recognized as the 2015 Ed Tech Innovator of the Year and 50 Most Promising Education Tech Solution Providers by CIO Review. For more information visit
Alliance PartnerFinancial Aid
5/20/2016 11:03 PMSystem AccountActive
 Cardinal Tracking, Inc.
Cardinal Tracking, Inc. is a software development company specializing in solutions for the Public Safety and Parking Industries. With clients across North America, our products are recognized as powerful, innovative, easy to use and backed by Cardinal’s outstanding service and support.
Alliance PartnerParking
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 CBORD Group, Inc.
CBORD is the industry's leading provider of campus card, integrated security, and housing management systems, in addition to a variety of other campus solutions.
Alliance PartnerHousing
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 Cisco Systems, Inc.
Cisco solves their customers' most important business challenges by delivering intelligent networks and technology architectures built on integrated products, services, and software platforms.
Non-PartnerTechnology Platform
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 CollegeNET, Inc.
CollegeNET, Inc. has served the needs of higher education since 1979 and is now a leading developer of web-based systems for colleges and universities, serving more than 1,000 clients worldwide. The company helps institutions improve efficiencies and cut costs by providing web-based scheduling and master planning solutions. CollegeNET offers the Series25(R) all-in-one solution for course and event scheduling, master planning, online calendaring, and event registration with secure payment processing. The Series25 solution can be provided as either client-installed software or via Software-as-a-Service.
Alliance PartnerConference Events Management
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 CollegeSource, Inc.
CollegeSource, Inc. is a technology company creating solutions for higher education. More than 2,000 colleges and universities and millions of users worldwide utilize CollegeSource products for transfer evaluation and degree planning.
Alliance PartnerDegree Planning
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 CommunityForce, Inc.
Since 2010, CommunityForce has provided highly flexible, full featured solutions for managing scholarships and grants. Over the years, we've established credibility and solid client relationships with universities like Yale, by offering top notch scholarship and grant management solutions and also by adding top-notch study abroad and fellowship program management solutions. Our goal for enterprises has been on the vastly improve the processes and systems secondary and tertiary education providers, sororities and fraternities, student organizations, trade institutes, and community, corporate, and private foundations use to manage the processes for which our products provide soutions. CoCommunityForce has accomplished our goals within our product suite by providing full featured solutions for our clients when it comes to advertising to prospective applicants, providing applications, nomination options, and/or procedures for applicant profile creation and inspection, detailed and efficient matching of applicant to funds, full scale review processes with user role-based dashboards for all types of reviewers, awarding and funds management, and the full scale management and reporting for all ascpects of the system award processes and administered or granted funds. CommunityForce has also accomplished our goals of vast improvement for our client's by taking the time to thoroughly understand their processes and the people who use them within their organizations, placing the proper CommunityForce modules within their institution the first time and the right way, integrating with their Student Enrollment Systems and Financial Aid systems in order to provide the most up-to-date student information for scholarship awarding, and providing access to our top-of-the-line implementation team and process. CommunityForce has great respect for Ellucian and would be honored to be a partner. We stand by our product and our team, and believe that Ellucian would be proud and willing to do so as well.
Non-PartnerFinancial Aid
9/10/2013 8:55 AMSystem AccountPartner non-renewalReal Time
ConnectEDU is a privately held technology company committed to closing the skills gap. ConnectEDU’s solutions empower: - Students by informing their academic and career decisions - Postsecondary institutions by providing a suite of tools to better prepare students and alumni for meaningful careers - Administrators by bringing a rich network of career development resources to their campus Today, ConnectEDU serves more than 20 million registered learners, 5,000 educational institutions, and 130,000 employers throughout 40 countries.
Non-PartnerCareer Services
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