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/Lists/Partners/Attachments/2/NBS_logo442.jpgNelnet Business Solutions
Nelnet Business Solutions is a leading provider of e-commerce solutions to over 750 institutions for Higher Education and tuition payment plans for 5,000+ K-12 schools in the United States.  In Higher Education, our platforms are hosted, PCI-DSS level 1 compliant environments that support electronic billing and payment, payment plans, commerce management, cashiering, and refunds.  Through these services, we enable the Bursars Office to efficiently and securely manage cash flow by handling all payments on campus and presenting a consolidated reconciliation report at the end of each day.  We also enable other departments on campus to securely collect payments through our commerce manager and our cashiering products.
Alliance PartnerPayment Processor - ARUnited States
QuikPAY,Cashiering,Actively Managed Payment Plans - TMG1
QuikPAY is a hosted, PCI Level 1 compliant payment platform that supports multiple student account services as well as other campus e-commerce services to Higher Education institutions. Students and payers can view and pay bills from one secure location. Our payment plans are fully integrated, self-adjusting and actively managed and our Cashiering module provides a rich, customized experience for in-person transactions whether payments are posted to Student Financials or directly to the General Ledger. All stored payment information is encrypted and stored in a secured database within Tier 4 Data Centers.

Our Cashiering Platform is a hosted platform that supports the campus Business Office as well as other campus departments. The platform is an automated, integrated environment where card processing, check scanning, and student account detail are all accessed with ease from the cashier’s desktop. The Cashiering client can be deployed at department level for larger departments or, alternatively, take advantage of automated deposit preparation for smaller departments. Deployment parameters allow the functional owner of the platform to maintain control over how transactions and data are collected and reduce office workload, with the reconciliation process viewed and approved online.

The Tuition Management (TMG 1) platform supports a full-service, on-line, real-time integrated tuition payment service. Students and payers enroll on-line and decide frequency of payments based on school-defined parameters. The platform tracks tuition balances and payments, which are processed automatically on a certain date each month via credit card, debit card, or electronic check. NBS then remits collected payments and provides reconciliation reports each month to the school.
United States - English,United States - English
Australia - English
Banner Accounts Recievable, Banner Student, PowerCampus, Colleague Student,Banner Accounts Recievable, Banner Finance,Banner Student, Colleague Student, PowerCampus Student
FinanceActiveReal Time
/Lists/Partners/Attachments/9/HigherOne_logo473.jpgHigher One Inc., dba Cashnet
Higher One  (NYSE: ONE) is a leading company focused on creating cost-saving efficiencies for higher education institutions and providing high-value services to students. Higher One offers a wide array of technological services on campus, ranging from streamlining the institution’s performance analytics and financial aid refund processes to offering students innovative banking services, tuition payment plans, and the basics of financial management. Higher One works closely with colleges and universities to allocate resources more efficiently in order to provide a higher quality of service and education to students.

Founded in 2000 on a college campus by students, Higher One now serves more than half of the higher education market, providing its services to over 1,600 campuses and 13 million students at distinguished public and private institutions nationwide. More information about Higher One can be found at
Alliance PartnerFinanceUnited States,Canada
Higher One Refund Management,CASHNet Payment Solutions,ePayment - powered by CASHNet.  

Easier ways to pay.  With ePayment, your campus gives students and other authorized users the ability to view current balances and securely make payments over the web, while simultaneously helping campuses streamline operations and reduce costs.

,eBill -- powered by CASHNet.    

Simplify billing.  With eBill, your campus can improve service to students and parents/payers by automating billing presentment and processing functions performed on campus and expanding payment options.

,SmartPay -- powered by CASHNet. 

Reduce the cost of accepting credit card payments.  SmartPay offers a one-stop electronic payments processing solution for credit card transactions.  Your campus has the ability to determine which type of charges will carry a convenience fee or service fee. With SmartPay, credit card information is not stored on campus.  Higher One uses a multi-layered approach to security and privacy to help reduce risk to your campus and house data in a secure environment.
,Cashiering -- powered by CASHNet. 

Provide an in-person payment option.  Give students the option to make an in-person payment either in the business office or through our Mobile Solution.   Our Cashiering solution enables campus departments to process "over-the counter" payments, streamlining the process into a one-step, one-stop transaction with easy back-office reconciliation.
,eMarket -- powered by CASHNet. 

Easily set up online stores!  Create storefronts for your students to experience with our point and click eMarket technology.  emarket offers your campus departments a secure yet easy-to-use tool for creating their own online storefronts - without using valuable campus IT resources.  Customizable and fully equipped to help you be PCI compliant, this module is an ideal solution for creating, controlling, and managing the growing number of online storefronts on your campus.
,Payment Plans -- powered by CASHNet. 

Give students more ways to pay!  Payment Plans offer a set of choices and capabilities for colleges and universities that use flexible tuition payment terms to help their students manage the growing cost of higher education and persist on their course toward academic success.   Choose between FULL SERVICE PAYMENT PLANS (fully managed by CASHNet for your school) - or - PAYMENT PLAN SOFTWARE (CASHNet installs the software for the plan(s) you desire for your campus, and you manage the student customer service for the Plan).
Streamline the disbursement of Financial Aid Refunds! As the number of students receiving financial aid rises, colleges and universities find themselves handling an ever-increasing number of refund disbursements. Our Refund Management Disbursement Service can help simplify the distribution of these refunds and offer you increased cost savings in the process. Additionally, our Refund Management service helps your campus be compliant with the Department of Education's regulations related to the distribution of Title IV refunds. Our Compliance Service provides even more support through a resource dedicated to providing the assistance needed during an ED review related Title IV funds disbursed through our service. Benefits for Administation/Staff: Refunds are processed securely and efficiently. Higher One handles all exceptions and customer service; allowing staff to dedicate their resources to doing what they do best: serving students. Incrreased savings due to the reduction of paper, ink, toner, and postage associated with the paper refund process. Key Features for Students and Authorized Users: Multiple electronic refund options delivering 100% of refunds at no cost to students. Students can change their refund preference at any time. Option for text message alerts regarding their refund status (regardless of the option they choose). Numerous customer service channels available, including phone support, an online self-service FAQ database available 24/7, and social media outlets.

Our CASHNet Payment Solutions offer your students and their families intuitive and easy-to-use services to help pay for tuition and college-related expenses. Help them pay anywhere, anytime with a comprehensive suite of CASHNet products including: eBill, ePayment, SmartPay, Payment Plans, Cashiering, eMarket and more!

Give students and parents the ability to view balances and make payments at any time over the web; with accounts updated in real-time.

Automate bill presentment. Present your bills online. Benefits for your staff: Automate bill presentment (including 1098-T and 1098-E) delivery and processing on the web. Eliminate labor and postage costs associated with printing and mailing student bills. Electronically deliver and present complete student accounts, static bills, new charges and payment history. Key features for students: Secure single sign-on compatability with existing campus portals. A comprehensive view of al account information including non-tuition charges. Email and text alert notifications. Expanded payment options: PAY IN FULL via credit card or electronic ACH. PAY IN INSTALLMENTS through your campus' installment plan. Set up recurring payments with a credit card or ACH. PAY LATER by printing the bill and mailing with a check.

SmartPay offers one-stop electronic payment processing for credit card transactions. When a student makes a payment against a charge, they will be assessed a convenience fee or service fee. The student is notified several times during the transaction that a fee is being assessed. Benefits for your staff: Streamline business office operations while Higher One/CASHNet handles credit card reconciliation, chargebacks, refunds and voioce authorizations. Funds, previously paid as credit card fees, can be redirected for capital projects, school programs, etc. Integration with the full Payment Solutions suite. Toll free customer service number for students and their authorized third party payers. Operates independently or in conjunction with eMarket and ePayment. Helps your campus be PCI compliant! Also available - Rapid Settlement. Our SmartPay solution offers your campus the option to receive distribution of funds within two full business days following the payment date, helping to keep receivables as simple and complete as possible.

Benefits for your staff: On-the-fly configuration for "quick click" payment processing. Web-based Departmental Deposit entry and receipting. Encrypted card swipe capabilities for cashiering stations with SecureMag. SecurePad offers encrypted manual keypad entry for card numbers. Research and report on all customer information from one place. Tailored to match your specific campus business policies and procedures. Reduce the cost and effort required for PCI compliance. Improve processing time. Simplify end-of-day balancing and reconciliation. Easy integration with you SIS. Features for students: Students and authorized users see an expidited in-person payment experience either in the business office or attending a campus activity. Flexibility of multiple payment tender types. Fast updates to student account balances. Additionally: Turn your iPad into a mobile cash register with the Higher One Payments App! Encrypted, accept any major credit card, no additional processing time, data integration with online products to ease reconciliation. Convenient features to easily find payment transactions

With eMarket driven departments: Create, manage and operate a storefront with its own URL and sell only the items you choose. Provide a simple shopping environment with photos, descriptions and one click payment at checkout. Offer a variety of payment tender types including foreign currency. Easily integrate with other campus applications to provide back-end payment processing. Allow 24/7 convenient access for your customers via a mobile-friendly eMarket website. eMarket offers two components which can be used independently or together: 1. Storefront - With an easy-to-use template, rapidly create online storefronts for campus departments to accept major credit cards and ACH/EFT payments. 2. Checkout - Use this feature to add a shopping cart/payment page to an existing storefront. Additionally! - Get more from eMarket with ASSISTED PAYMENTS -- this feature allows a departmental user to accept over-the-phone payments. Additional Options: INTERNATIONAL PAYMENTS -- ask us more about this! Put your emarket on the move with our Payments App for iPad! (Added security with an encrypted mobile card reader, ability to accept check and cash payments, No additional processing time needed, data integration with online products to ease reconciliation, and a convenient feature to easily find payment transactions). Your business office can use eMarket to immediately and uniformly update campus commerce related policies throughout all departmental storefronts. In addition, they can store all transaction information in the central CASHNet database. Centralized information establishes a permanent audit trail for reconciliation, internal audits and inquiry.

Full Service Payment Plans: Comprehensive solution for your campus and students, that offers Cost Savings (on both administrative and marketing costs and lets you reallocate resources), Flexibility (many plans and payment options to attract and retian students), Convenience (Position your school as an advocate for student convenience), High Visibility ( Incrrease awarenes of your payment plan availability to better adotion rates, through multiple channels using material designed by Higher One's campus education team), Unique Customer Support Model (campuses are provided with suppport representatives and a Relationship Manager for the life of the contract; and students are provided an expidited customer support number with a dedicated call center ready to assist), Customized Payment Plans (you design the plan, and especially for specific services such as tuition, housing, meals, etc.), Customer-Specific Plans (students only see the plans for which they qualify; and different payment options including credit card, ACH, debit card and campus card), Immediate Access (for your campus to collected funds), Integration (with your existing campus portal), Administrative Access (to aging reports for each student's account). Payment Plan Software: Our software-only choice allows students or authorized payers to enroll in one or more payment plans that you have specifically tailored to meet your needs, and that you manage in-house. Get even more from Payment Plans with SmartPay: Use the SmartPay solution with your payment Plans to reduce the cost of accepting credit card payments.
United States,North America,United States ,national
Banner, PowerCampus, Colleague,Banner, PowerCampus, Colleague, Recruiter,Banner, PowerCampus, Colleague, Recruiter,Banner, PowerCampus, Colleague,Banner, PowerCampus, Colleague,Banner, PowerCampus, Colleague,Banner, PowerCampus, Colleague, Recruiter,Banner, PowerCampus, Colleague
Student InformationActiveBatch,Real Time
/Lists/Partners/Attachments/12/ESMSolutionsCorporat_logo497.jpgESM Solutions Corporation
ESM Solutions was the first to design integrated spend management solutions for education and delivering them using the software as a service (SaaS) methodology from their inception. We have been helping customers save money for more than twelve years with easy to use and intuitive sourcing and purchasing solutions. Intuitive is important because it leads to customer success. Why? Increased utilization leads to increased savings. Our SaaS solutions have been built with the end-user experience as the first priority. We recognize that ease of use is important up and down the approval chain. ESM Solutions helps customers meet the operational and management objectives while also accelerating adoption by the end-user community.
Higher Education organizations have specific needs and our feature rich applications meet those needs, giving customers complete control of their procurement spending. Our user-friendly interface is easily configured and integrates with your Ellucian financial software, so that you can quickly realize savings. We are leading the industry in developing applications that are mobile and have been redesigned for tablets and smartphones, making procurement on the go even easier.
Our products can be easily implemented in weeks, not months, for rapid time to benefit and compelling ROI. We specialize in making the procurement process more efficient and transparent, giving you the confidence that change is possible.
Alliance PartnerSourcing & ProcurementUnited States,Canada
easyPurchase,easySourcing,Contract Management
easyPurchase is a web-based electronic procurement solution designed specifically for the college and university marketplace. This solution manages the entire lifecycle of the procurement process - from catalog searching, requisition creation, routing for approval with approval routes built from customer business rules, automatic status notification, rejections to requisitioner or previous approver, Purchasing Card (P-Card) support, purchase order creation through desktop receiving and electronic invoice management. Hosted entirely on our servers with certified 256-bit Secure Socket Layering (SSL) encryption, there is no incremental technical infrastructure, hardware or software required. All that is needed to deploy easyPurchase is Internet access and a web browser. With easyPurchase, the most comprehensive eProcurement solution of its kind, the entire procurement process is accomplished electronically.

easySourcing is an enterprise SaaS solution. Its modules are designed to offer complete control of business processes and are inclusive of the product suite. easySourcing integrates with easyPurchase and includes Line Item, Discount, Quote and Project.

ESM Solutions’ Contract Management application manages and automates your organization’s entire contract lifecycle, from draft and approval through renewal and storage. Our solution provides a searchable repository of all your contracts, making them available and actionable at your fingertips. Connect contracts to your specific business rules Create a contract with one click through configurable forms and templates Gain insight into upcoming deadlines with automatic email notifications Capture changes and store revisions for version control and comparison Find any contract information instantly with full text search Control budget by tracking financial transactions
US and Canada,US
Banner Finance, Colleague Finance,Banner Finance, Colleague Finance,Banner Finance, Colleague Finance
FinanceActiveBatch,Real Time
/Lists/Partners/Attachments/13/Jaggaer-Logo-FINAL-PANTONE.jpgSciQuest, Inc.

Some of the largest Commercial, Manufacturing and Life Sciences companies in the world trust JAGGAER with billions of dollars of annual spend. Additionally, JAGGAER is the leading procure-to-pay provider in the Higher Education and Government sectors. JAGGAER eprocurement and strategic sourcing customers across the globe have gained access to the best suppliers, with the best terms, on our scalable, customizable, user-friendly platform. Our SaaS-based, source-to-settle solution provides unparalleled visibility, insights and recommendations to procurement leaders and suppliers. The result is a fluid supply chain driven by powerful spend analysis, comprehensive contract management and efficient accounts payable solutions.
Alliance PartnerSourcing & ProcurementUnited States,Canada,Mexico,Central America/Caribbean,South America,Europe,Middle East,India,Asia Pacific,Australia/New Zealand
HigherMarkets for Banner ,HigherMarkets for Banner, Multi-Business Unit ,HigherMarkets for Banner, Total Supplier Manager,Higher Market for Banner, Sourcing Director,HigherMarkets for Banner, Supplier Diversity Manager,HigherMarkets for Banner, AP Director,HigherMarkets Express for Banner,HigherMarkets Express for Colleague,HigherMarkets for Banner, Supplies Manager,HigherMarkets for Banner, Consortium Solution,HigherMarkets for Banner, pCard Marketplace
Combines a powerful catalog management tool for administrators with a user-friendly e-commerce style shopping interface for end users. This module provides a customized private supplier marketplace that promotes contract compliance and intelligent shopping decisions. Through this Internet marketplace, users can effortlessly search, compare and make selections from hosted catalogs, punch-out sites, self managed catalogs, or forms. An intuitive and efficient one-stop shopping experience results in high user adoption, contract compliance and optimal supplier management. HigherMarkets provides administrative catalog management capabilities, an end-user interface purchasing assistant, contract compliance, workflow and order distribution.

MBU: The procurement function in large organizations is often distributed across business units or departments to support local business rules, local suppliers, local legal requirements and more. However, large organizations are increasingly centralizing procurement contracts, process and technology to gain operational efficiencies and grow organizational buying power. The multi-business unit functionality (MBU license) was developed to support this trend.

TSM: Supplier management begins before the first purchase order is cut. Best-in-class programs incorporate upfront regulatory and business process compliance. SciQuest’s Total Supplier Manager standardizes this by incorporating supplier management from the very beginning, spanning supplier discovery, information gathering, registration, qualification and selection

Sourcing Director features Electronic Bidding (eRFx), including public education’s sealed bidding, and Reverse Auction. Base functionality includes core administrative capabilities, bid creation and online response, automated tabulation/award, and supplier management functionalities.

Supplier Diversity Manager and Data Services manage diversity suppliers. It supports vendor registrations, self certification and certification validation with the trademarked TrueMatch™ Service and TrueLocator™ search engine that works with over 300 source databases from state, local and federal governments in the US and drives increased diversity spending and ensures vendor tracking.

Accounts Payable Director; Five configurations: Full Suite - includes Receiving, e-Invoice Capture and Consolidation, Paper Invoice Capture, Enhanced Supplier Portal, Advanced Matching and Advanced Workflow. Requires Invoice Integration Adaptor

HigherMarkets Express for Banner offers a comprehensive source-to-settle eprocurement solution integrated into Banner Finance that is pre-configured for quick implementation and minimal IT support. Users can easily shop from online catalogs; electronically create, track, and approve requisitions; send orders to suppliers; and acknowledge receipt of goods – all from their desks.

SciQuest HigherMarkets Express for Colleague offers a comprehensive source-to-settle eprocurement solution integrated into Colleague Finance that is pre-configured for quick implementation and minimal IT support. Users can easily shop from online catalogs; electronically create, track, and approve requisitions; send orders to suppliers; and acknowledge receipt of goods – all from their desks

Supplies Manager enables and manages inventories electronically in an on-site stockroom, freezer program or other physical location. It provides users with detailed real-time information about inventory as they shop in the regular Spend Director marketplace. Inventory managers can rest assured that inventory is used prior to going out directly to the supplier.

SciQuest Consortium Community enables multi-entity organizations to pool their buying their procurement and sourcing efforts to on behalf of the community. The structure allows organizations to: source together; share and publish contracts; manage contracts collectively and individually in a central repository; shop from both goods and service contracts in your organization’s independent online marketplace or from the consortium online marketplace, all with the assurance that contract terms and conditions, supplier requirements, and product and catalog details are synchronized and updated and consolidate reporting.

SciQuest pCard Marketplace enables group purchasing organizations (GPOs), school systems, industry organizations and other sourcing enterprises can open up their library of contracts to their general membership for simple internet based shopping. Key features of the pCard Marketplace: • Simple, internet based shopping experience • Purchase directly from pre-negotiated contracts • Control spend by promoting pre-negotiated contacts • Promote contract compliance and efficiency for pCard users.
Banner Finance, Integration with eProcurement,Banner Finance, Integration with eProcurement,Banner Finance, Integration with eProcurement,Banner Finance, Integration with eProcurement,Banner Finance, Integration with eProcurement,Banner Finance, Integration with eProcurement,Banner Finance, Integration with eProcurement,Ellucian Colleague ,Banner Finance, Integration with eProcurement,Banner Finance, Integration with eProcurement,Banner Finance, Integration with eProcurement
FinanceActiveBatch,Real Time,Messaging,No integration type reported
/Lists/Partners/Attachments/14/AdAstra_Logo_Final_Color.jpgAd Astra Information Systems
Ad Astra Information Systems is the expert partner for institutions engaged in student success, efficiency and capacity initiatives. Student academic success outcomes and financial pressures dictate that our clients create more efficient schedules. Event management operations are becoming more sophisticated to meet the growing needs of internal and external stakeholders. Expectations for an institution-wide, real-time calendar of all activities are becoming the norm. To meet these needs, Ad Astra has committed a large portion of its resources over the past 15 years to research and development. The result is a growing suite of enterprise-class web applications that redefine the standard in higher education scheduling and planning.
Alliance PartnerSchedulingUnited States,Canada,Mexico,Central America/Caribbean,South America,Europe,Middle East
Astra Schedule,Platinum Analytics
Astra Schedule is a web-based enterprise scheduling system with Banner integration for instant conflict checking, calendaring, academic and event scheduling tools and reporting capabilities. Package includes fully automated room assignment optimization to improve space utilization, promote accurate and timely schedules, and provide support for distributed scheduling policies.

Student course demand analytics using patented approaches to derive student need for courses and their time/day availability. These analytics tools, and the optimization algorithms that use their results as inputs, allow our clients to create better, more resource-efficient schedules. The result is more conflict-free student access to required courses and less waste stemming from empty seats in unneeded offerings.
Ad Astra provides English Language support to customers located in the USA, Canada, and worldwide.
Banner Student, Colleague Student,Banner Student, Colleague Student
Student InformationActiveBatch,Real Time,Direct table reads,Flat file
/Lists/Partners/Attachments/15/peerTransfer_logo416.jpgpeerTransfer Corporation
International Payments Made Easy
Non-PartnereCommerceUnited States,Europe,Australia/New Zealand
peerTransfer: International Tuition Payments
peerTransfer is the leader in International Payments for the education industry. peerTransfer’s solutions have been proven to save schools and their international students a significant amount of time and money when receiving or making international payments. The company offers international students the ability to pay in their home currency and then bundles the payments together to secure wholesale foreign currency exchange rates, which equates to a significant amount of savings for the students.
Available Globally
FinancePartner non-renewal
/Lists/Partners/Attachments/16/ROCSoftware_logo481.gifROC Software Systems, Inc.
ROC Software develops enterprise output management and batch job scheduling solutions to help IT organizations save valuable time and money in managing their business- critical operations. ROC solutions are easy to install on most major platforms including UNIX, Linux and Windows.  More than 4,000 customers worldwide depend upon ROC Software for innovative enterprise solutions, rock-solid reliability and award winning support services.  ROC Software is headquartered in Austin, Texas.
Non-PartnerPrint & Doc ManagementUnited States,Canada,Mexico,Central America/Caribbean,South America,Europe,Middle East,India,Asia Pacific,Australia/New Zealand
EasySpooler,ROC Rhapsody,ROC Maestro
ROC EasySpooler is an output management solution that will improve the overall reliability of your output environment while reducing the IT staff time required to manage output-related issues.

ROC Rhapsody™ is an enterprise output management solution that ensures reliable information delivery from any application to any device for high volume print, fax, email, Web and file output. ROC Rhapsody™ delivers a single point of control and bestin- class interoperability to reduce the time and cost of supporting enterprise output operations.

ROC Maestro for Open Systems provides a very easy method for scheduling and managing workloads, processes, dependencies and events across complex, heterogeneous IT environments. For environments that involve UNIX®, Linux®, Windows® or legacy platforms such as HP e3000, ROC Maestro for Open Systems dramatically simplifies administration while expanding your operational reach – especially in times of change or migration.
Common Components - Document ManagementPartner non-renewalNot applicable
/Lists/Partners/Attachments/19/RMS+Mercury_logo.pngResidential Management Systems, Inc.
Mercury is the industry leading software solution for Higher Education Housing & Accommodation Management. Delivered as a cloud or campus solution it provides a dynamic web platform to easily manage your housing operation. Our interfaces link seamlessly with both Banner and Colleague for the exchange of demographic and financial information. Our clients describe these as 'set them and forget them' interfaces. Mercury integration is reliable, stable and manages the complex data exchange with ease, while being flexible enough to accommodate any unique business processes. Let our years of experience as an Ellucian partner help your organization grow and thrive.
Alliance PartnerHousingUnited States,Canada,Mexico,Central America/Caribbean,South America,Europe,Middle East,India,Asia Pacific,Australia/New Zealand
Housing, Conference and Judicial Management Software on a full web-based platform.
All countries, English as primary, but support other languages through Student Self Service portal product.
Banner Student, Colleague
Student InformationActiveBatch,Real Time,Direct table reads,Flat file
/Lists/Partners/Attachments/20/StarRez_logo412.jpgStarRez, Inc.
StarRez is the world leader in housing, conference, and judicial software with more than 400 customers worldwide. StarRez offers the most complete, easy-to-use, and fully integrated solution for student accommodation providers both small and large.
Alliance PartnerHousingUnited States,Canada,Mexico,Central America/Caribbean,South America,Europe,Middle East,India,Asia Pacific,Australia/New Zealand
StarRez provides a total student housing solution, including: online student self-service (applications, room and roommate selections, lottery, deposits, and single sign-on), core administrative functions (billing, reporting, email/mail merge, and mobile device support), best-in-class solution modules (judicial/incidents, conference/events, and maintenance/inventory), and integration with Banner, PowerCampus, Datatel, online payment processors, access and control systems, and meal plans.
StarRez is available around the world.
Banner Student, PowerCampus Student
Student InformationActiveBatch,Real Time,Direct table reads,Flat file
Source4 provides integrated business and marketing solutions that save money and improve processes. In the higher education vertical, Source4 delivers electronic forms and more. Source4’s FormuLaser software converts Colleague/Banner default print output to customized laser printed forms without reprogramming the application. Checks, purchase orders, transcripts, statements, schedules , award letters, grade reports, cash receipts, rosters.. any application. No additional hardware required. Output goes to laser printer or PDF to e-mail or archive
Alliance PartnerPrint & Doc ManagementUnited States,Canada,Mexico,Central America/Caribbean,South America,Europe,Middle East,India,Asia Pacific,Australia/New Zealand
Source4 has a solution that converts Ellucian’s Colleague/Banner default print output to blank laser printed documents. With our software each form is customized and looks the way the college/university wants it to look. Our solution also prepares documents for mail or distribution without envelopes. The document becomes the envelope. We have converted over 200 Colleague schools and have worked with most Colleague applications including checks, direct deposit notices,W2s,1099s,statements,grade reports,schedules,transcripts,cash receipts, purchase orders, grade rosters, attendance rosters and no show reports. FormuLaser/FormuSeal can eliminate preprinted forms, removing line holes,bursting,signing,envelopes and envelope stuffing....not to mention giving you a quality laser appearance. Our software can reside on Unix or Windows. The majority of our Unix customers host our software on the same hardware as Colleague. If you host Colleague on Windows we can reside on the same hardware or on another Windows platform. In the case of Unix or Windows we do not require a dedicated print server.
We market wherever there are Colleague users. Our furthest client is American Samoa Community College.
Common Components - Document ManagementActiveNo integration type reported
/Lists/Partners/Attachments/23/AmericaDigitalCorpor_logo417.jpgAmerica Digital Corporation
We are a provider of IT infrastructure. We specialize in Servers, Storage, Networking and Virtualization Technologies that support the entire Ellucian application suite.
Non-PartnerHardwareUnited States,Canada,Mexico,Central America/Caribbean
Hardware and Software
Server, Storage, Netwokring and Virtualzation Hardware and Software to support Ellucian environments.
All geographies.
Banner General, Colleague Student, PowerCampus General
TechnologyPartner non-renewalNo integration
/Lists/Partners/Attachments/24/CollegeNET_logo423.jpgCollegeNET, Inc.
CollegeNET, Inc. has served the needs of higher education since 1979 and is now a leading developer of web-based systems for colleges and universities, serving more than 1,000 clients worldwide.  The company helps institutions improve efficiencies and cut costs by providing web-based scheduling and master planning solutions.  CollegeNET offers the Series25(R) all-in-one solution for course and event scheduling, master planning, online calendaring, and event registration with secure payment processing.  The Series25 solution can be provided as either client-installed software or via Software-as-a-Service.
Alliance PartnerConference Events ManagementUnited States,Canada,Mexico,Central America/Caribbean,South America,Europe,Middle East,India,Asia Pacific,Australia/New Zealand
Web-based course and event scheduling, calendaring, and master planning.
Series25 is available worldwide and has been internationalized to support all languages.
Banner Student, Colleague Student, PowerCampus Student
Student InformationActiveReal Time,Direct table reads
/Lists/Partners/Attachments/25/HeartlandPaymentSyst_logo425.jpgHeartland Campus Solutions ECSI (Heartland Payment Systems)
Provide Payment processing to 250,000 merchants nationwide.
Strategic PartnereCommerceUnited States,Canada
WebConnect Payment Portal
Provide a hosted payment gateway which is PCI-PA-DSS complinat for payments for campuses through the ellucian interfaces posting realtime back to SIS.
Banner Finance, PowerCampus
Student Financial ServicesActiveReal Time,UI Integration
/Lists/Partners/Attachments/26/ExperianQAS_logo430.jpgExperian QAS
Experian QAS is an address
data quality software pioneer.
The company’s products capture,
validate, cleanse, standardize,
and enrich customer contact
information. Experian QAS
provides data validation software
and services to more than 10,000
customers worldwide in retail,
education, healthcare, insurance,
finance, government, and other
sectors. The company was
established in 1990 and has offices
throughout the United States,
Europe, and Asia Pacific. For more
information, visit http://www.qas.
Alliance PartnerAddress VerificationUnited States,Canada,Europe,Middle East,India,Asia Pacific,Australia/New Zealand
QAS for Ellucian Advance Web
Experian QAS and Ellucian have created a turnkey solution that verifies address data in real time as it is captured within Ellucian Advance Web.
The integration currently supports the verification of addresses in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
Banner Self-Service, Advance, Advance Web, SmartCall
/Lists/Partners/Attachments/29/FR_logo435.jpgFront Rush LLC
Athletic Recruiting Software
Strategic PartnerRecruiting & AdmissionsUnited States
Front Rush
Athletic recruiting software.
United States and Canada.
Recruiting & AdmissionsActiveBatch
/Lists/Partners/Attachments/31/Trimdatalogo.pngTrimdata Corp
Trimdata Corp has been a Colleague Preferred Solutions Provider for more than 15 years. Our flagship product is FA~Link, providing a real-time interface for campus stores to Ellucian student systems.
Trimdata also provides custom software solutions in the Higher Education market. We have extensive experience in Federal and State Financial Aid regulations compliance and the campus workflow around disbursing Aid funds.
We make it our top priority to deliver to our college and university partners the solutions they need to provide excellent service to their students and campus departments.
Alliance PartnerFinancial AidUnited States,Canada
FA~Link provides a real-time interface between the campus ERP system and the bookstore POS, allowing students to use available aid sources and authorize/post in real-time.
Currently United States and Canada.
Colleague Financial Aid
Student Financial ServicesActiveReal Time
CampusCruiser, a dedicated higher education Cloud solution provider since 1998, specializes in offering state-of-the-art technologies economically to help colleges and universities to Improve Campus Communication, Implement Effective Learning Management, Build Cohesive Online Communities and Increase Information Efficiencies Campus-wide, in conjunction with ready integrations to a whole host of campus applications.
Alliance PartnerLearning ManagementUnited States,Canada,Europe,Asia Pacific
CampusCruiser LMS
CampusCruiser LMS™ is a fully functional academic technology designed for students and faculty to engage in content, communication, and collaboration activities across the entire institution. The CampusCruiser LMS provides a high level of customization and flexibility that allows for various learning and teaching styles, and uses a state-of-the-art cross platform technology to aid usage effectiveness.
English/North America, Chinese/Asia, Spanish/Targeting South America.
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/Lists/Partners/Attachments/33/SoftdocsInc_logo446.jpgSoftdocs, Inc.
Softdocs develops enterprise content management, e-forms and process automation solutions exclusively for the higher education and K-12 markets. The company’s Etrieve platform redefines business processes, reducing the need for paper and improving student service and employee productivity by providing educational institutions complete control over how content is captured, distributed and archived. A privately held company founded in 1998, Softdocs is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina. For more information, visit
Alliance PartnerHuman Capital ManagementUnited States,Canada
Doc e Serve,Etrieve Forms,Etrieve Content
Doc e Serve is our print output and data capture solution. It typically is used by higher education institutions to customize Colleague or Banner output relating to AP and Payroll Checks, cash receipts, transcripts, grade reports, direct deposit notices, tax forms, etc.

Etrieve Forms is our next generation, browser-based electronic forms solution. Paired with Etrieve Flow, our intuitive workflow engine, users can easily complete e-forms on the web for routing through rules-based workflows. Form recipients can review, approve, deny, comment, edit or re-route forms based on situational needs and business rules, ensuring forms always go where they should. And reminders and summary views ensure actions occur in a timely manner. Designed to integrate, Etrieve Forms becomes an extension
 of your existing ERP solution. With the ability to pre-populate forms with ERP data—as well as write submitted form data back to your ERP—manual data re-entry is a challenge of the past.

Etrieve Content represents the next generation in enterprise content management and workflow. Browser-based and designed to work on any device or platform, Etrieve Content will change the way your institution thinks about managing documents and information. With responsive design and an intuitive, touch-friendly UI, users will appreciate the ability to perform all functions– from scanning to search to viewing to indexing–within a single browser window. Matched with the ability to automatically capture and file content generated by your ERP or Finance, Payroll and SIS solution, Etrieve Content provides game-changing functionality. Developed with multiple integration points and an extensive API framework, connecting Etrieve Content to other applications, including your ERP solution, is simple. Powerful search and reporting options allows users to quickly fulfill security-driven record queries, and tightly controlled security ensures users only have access to the documents they should, while at the same time maintaining an extensive audit trail.
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/Lists/Partners/Attachments/34/Regroup MN Logo_NEW.pngRegroup
Regroup provides integrated messaging. Our Ellucian-integrated platform provides a single console through which administrators can message via: Mobile phone (Text/SMS), Voice, Email, Facebook, Twitter, and web portal or site. We are the most effective day-to-day and emergency platform, and regularly save schools money while improving campus communications and regulatory compliance. We integrate with Banner, Colleague, Luminis, and Portal.
Alliance PartnerCommunication and NotificationUnited States,Canada,Mexico,Central America/Caribbean,South America,Europe,Middle East,India,Asia Pacific,Australia/New Zealand
Regroup provides integrated messaging. Our Ellucian-integrated platform provides a single console through which administrators can message via: Mobile phone (Text/SMS), Voice, Email, Facebook, Twitter, and web portal or site. We are the most effective day-to-day and emergency platform, and regularly save schools money while improving campus communications and regulatory compliance. We integrate with Banner, Colleague, Luminis, and Portal.
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/Lists/Partners/Attachments/35/RadViewSoftwareInc_logo450.gifRadView Software Inc.
Software Manufacturer
Alliance PartnerInfrastructure ToolsUnited States,Canada,Mexico,Central America/Caribbean,South America,Europe,Middle East,India,Asia Pacific,Australia/New Zealand
Enterprise grade load testing software package that allows customers to run tens of thousands of users through their web application infrastructure, analyze performance results, identify bottlenecks, tune their systems and verify their web applications perform better
North America, Latin America, South America, Europe, Asia
Managed ServicesActiveNot applicable
/Lists/Partners/Attachments/36/Infosilem_logo455.pngInfosilem Inc.
Infosilem’s dedication to our customers is rewarded with a 99% retention rate. Our solutions improve all scheduling functions on campus and our team of experts ensures success in achieving your goals. Over 25 years in the business, Infosilem has real understanding of your scheduling needs and challenges. Trust Infosilem to be your partner in success.
Alliance PartnerSchedulingUnited States,Canada,Central America/Caribbean,Europe,Middle East,Asia Pacific
Infosilem EnCampus
Our Academic scheduling solution excels in the planning, production and optimization of room, course, exam and student schedules. Unique to Academic scheduling is the ability to consider student requirements or actual student demand in the planning, production and optimization of academic schedules. Our Campus scheduling solution efficiently supports the day-to-day scheduling and room booking activities on campus, supporting a distributed scheduling environment through a single and central reservation system.
USA, Canada, England, France, Hong Kong, Macau, Qatar, Turkey, UAE, Lebanon, West Indies, Columbia

Languages - English and French
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/Lists/Partners/Attachments/37/RydinDecal_logo458.jpgRydin Decal
Parking Solutions Provider - Parking Management Software, Parking Permits and Permit Distribution Services.
Alliance PartnerParkingUnited States,Canada
Rydin PermitExpress™
PermitExpress™ is a web-based software solution that brings all important elements of managing parking together in one simple solution. Key features are online permit ordering and payment, temporary permitting, lot capacity management and citation issuance, management and collections. Our solution is designed to do digitally what has historically been done manually with regards to parking management.
North America
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/Lists/Partners/Attachments/38/RapidInsightInc_logo465.jpgRapid Insight Inc.
Rapid Insight Inc. develops easy to use analytic software enabling Higher Education customers to quickly and easily build predictive models that will guide recruiting, admissions, retention and fundraising strategies.  We make it easy to be data driven.
Alliance PartnerBI Reporting & AnalyticsUnited States,Canada
Rapid Insight Analytic Software Suite (includes Rapid Insight Analytics and Veera),QuickStart for Banner Predictive Enrollment Model Template,Rapid Insight QuickStart for Banner Predictive Modeling Retention Template
Rapid Insight Analytics enables users to quickly and easily build predictive models for predicting enrollment, retention, financial aid and recruiting and advancement. Veera enables users to create analytic data sets, perform ad hoc analyses, and to quickly create reports and dashboards, without having to write any code. Predictive models can be pointed at any database and/or files, and data can be scored automatically, on a scheduled or manual basis.

Delivers a template that is preconfigured to access the specific Banner Data Tables required to create an enrollment predictive model.

This is a preconfigured Rapid Insight Veera Job that is designed to access the correct Banner Student Information System Tables for the creation of a predictive model that will predict the likelihood of a student to be retained.
Worldwide,World Wide
Banner Performance Reporting & Analystics,Banner Student information system
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/Lists/Partners/Attachments/39/SCRIPSAFE_logo468.jpgSCRIP-SAFE International
SCRIP-SAFE International, Inc. is located in Loveland, Ohio, a northern Cincinnati suburb where it owns a modern research, customer service and printing facility.  Since its founding in 1989, SCRIP-SAFE's suite of products and services has grown from the base product, secured transcript paper, to include 24/7 online document ordering services, secured electronic and paper delivery of transcripts, web-based diploma printing software, custom foil printed diploma paper and full-service diploma fulfillment.
Non-PartnereTranscript ServicesUnited States
Transcripts on Demand (Transcript Ordering) and eSCRIP-SAFE (Electronic Transcript Delivery)
Transcripts on Demand® (TOD) The Transcripts on Demand service is a Web based ordering system that enables current and previously enrolled students to request a copy of their official academic transcript. The service is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year and is accessible from any computer using standard Web browsers from any location around the globe. TOD captures all order information necessary for the College to fulfill the student’s transcript request and eliminates all financial transaction processing for the College. The ordering service supports all former and current students, regardless of their dates of enrollment. TOD is PCI compliant and provides extremely flexible process management to the school. eSCRIP-SAFE® (eSS) eSCRIP-SAFE is a network-based application that consists of senders and receivers. Sending schools are required to be accredited by a recognized accrediting authority and are vetted by SCRIP-SAFE. Receivers are either in-network receivers or out-of-network receivers. In-network receivers have established credentials and a virtual “mail-box” where they may conveniently retrieve all transcripts sent to them from multiple schools. Out-of-network receivers obtain the delivered transcript from a secure Web site unique to that transcript; out-of-network receivers are notified of the delivered transcript by email and are required to complete a brief but important registration process before retrieving the transcript. Delivered transcripts are secure, include a unique cover page dynamically created for the transcript, are fully trackable, and include multiple services the sending school can use and manage.
Primary market is the United States.  Some International clients in Europe and the Middle East
eTranscript Services
Student InformationPartner non-renewal
Accruent provides software solutions to more than 1,000 customers covering the end-to-end real estate and facilities management lifecycle. Each of our purpose-built suites offers solutions designed to meet the unique needs of the specific industries we serve.
Non-PartnerFacilities ManagementUnited States,Canada,Europe,Middle East,Asia Pacific
FAMIS is designed to provide your institution with the tools you need to manage the complete facilities lifecycle —from real estate acquisitions to project management, operations, maintenance, facilities management, asset management, inventory control and space management. Since 1982, FAMIS technology has stood out as a leader in providing robust facilities management functionality developed specifically for the higher education, public sector and corporate industries. FAMIS offers on-premise, hosted and cloud-based solutions
FAMIS provides English Language support, with customers located in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Qatar.
Banner Finance, Banner Integration for eProcurement
FinancePartner non-renewal
/Lists/Partners/Attachments/42/AdirondackSolutions_logo480.jpgAdirondack Solutions Inc
Adirondack Solutions is the worldwide leader in providing innovative solutions primarily for the college student life market.

We offer products for web-based room assignments, housing operations, conduct, parking/vehicle registration, conference management, guest pass tracking, and more.
Alliance PartnerHousingUnited States,Canada,Europe,Middle East,Australia/New Zealand
The Housing Director, Conduct Coordinator, Parking Administrator, Conference Host
Manages housing assignments, conduct affairs, parking administrator and conference events at higher educations insitutions
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/Lists/Partners/Attachments/45/AcademicWorksInc_logo486.pngAcademicWorks, Inc.
AcademicWorks is the leading provider of comprehensive scholarship management and donor reporting solutions to institutions of higher education. Nearly 500 institutions use AcademicWorks to improve the compliance, utilization and stewardship of their scholarship funds, while improving services to students, donors, and the campus community.
Alliance PartnerFinancial AidUnited States,Canada
AcademicWorks Scholarship Management Module
AcademicWorks provides a comprehensive scholarship management solution that allows campuses to improve the utilization, compliance and stewardship of their scholarship funds. Campuses use AcademicWorks to automatically match students with relevant scholarships, facilitate the committee review process, make/monitor awards and recognize scholarship donors through an intuitive, streamlined process.
United States and Canada, currently English only.
Banner Financial Aid, Colleague Financial Aid
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/Lists/Partners/Attachments/46/LeepfrogTechnologies_logo487.jpgLeepfrog Technologies
Leepfrog Technologies has been an industry leader in higher education and catalog and curriculum management software for over 17 years.  CourseLeaf Catalog Management (CAT) takes your current catalog and transforms it into a dynamic, online document for today's tech-savvy students.  Distributed editing with built-in workflow will lighten the load on your Catalog Editors and give them control over content and presentations.  Integration with Banner and Datatel provides the student with comprehensive, up-to-date information about the courses they need, and the ScribeStart capability gives you a head start on getting information back into DegreeWorks.

CourseLeaf Curriculum Management (CIM) will revolutionize your campus with online course and program proposals, automated approval notifications, and easy tracking of proposal status.  Faculty and Curriculum Administrators can go online to track edits and status, identify affected departments, and publish curriculum committee agendas. The course ecosystem will immediately identify the impact of a change on all departmental requirements and pages in the catalog. And, the Banner Data Bridge can update Banner automatically.

The result is an integrated catalog and curriculum process from proposal all the way through publishing to students!
Alliance PartnerAcademic CatalogingUnited States
CourseLeaf is our Academic Catalog Management solution, that enables Colleges and Universities to better manage their Academic Catalog and Curriculum update process.
The USA and Canada.  Our product is available in various languages.
Banner, DegreeWorks
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/Lists/Partners/Attachments/47/iModules_logo491.jpgiModules, Inc.
iModules is the leading constituent engagement management provider for educational institutions. Our online platform transforms how institutions create relevant constituent experiences and achieve fundraising success. We integrate data, content, and strategy to drive participation and financial growth, while increasing operational efficiency. Our expertise and exceptional customer service combined with our on-demand technology deliver meaningful results  in marketing communications, giving, memberships, and stewardship. An industry leader since 2002, iModules Software partners with organizations worldwide to make a difference. For more information, visit
Alliance PartnerAdvancementUnited States,Canada,Mexico,South America,Europe,Middle East,Asia Pacific,Australia/New Zealand
Ellucian Integration,Encompass
iModules integrates with Ellucian’s advancement solutions, so you can deliver data-driven online marketing communications to constituents with one cohesive solution. This integration offers an easy, secure, and reliable method of synchronizing your Encompass and Ellucian databases.

Encompass from iModules is a completely integrated online communication and engagement solution built to help institutions strengthen relationships, increase engagement, foster loyalty, boost participation, and drive donations. Encompass provides tools to improve operational efficiency, minimize administrative work, maximize resources, deliver personalized experiences, and elevate fundraising.
Advance, Banner Advancement,Advance, Banner Advancement
/Lists/Partners/Attachments/50/Instamation_logo439.jpgInstamation, Inc
Instamation, Inc has been servicing the Higher Education industry for over 25 years primarily through its consulting services, development and support of Ellucian Loan and Debt management products.  The employees of Instamation have more than 150 years of collective experience providing superior technology, custom design solutions and world class customer service.
Alliance PartnerFinancial AidUnited States
Campus Receivables Collector (CRC)
Campus Receivables Collector (CRC) is a stand-alone web-based comprehensive software solution for managing delinquent student receivables and campus-based student loan programs.
United States
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